How It Works

Man's hands using smart phone and laptop computer at office deskUsing TruBarter Exchange’s concept, you can sell your products or services to other members of the TruBarter trade network. You then use the electronic trade credits, or TruBarter dollars, from your sales to purchase the products or services you or your company need from any TruBarter member.

With TruBarter there is no need to trade one to one. You have the ability to trade with anyone in the network. Also, everyone in the network is encouraged to promote the service and use of the service. It’s as if you have an additional team of salespeople out there selling your products or services to companies that you aren’t doing business with. You will also have a TruBarter representative that will act as your personal broker. They will help get the things you need for yourself and your business, without using cash.

Perhaps you need printing, a copy machine or your trucks re-lettered. Your shelves are full, but your checkbook isn’t. Wouldn’t it be great if you could trade your products or services for the things you need? Thanks to today’s technology and TruBarter Exchange’s network of clients, you can do just that.