The Benefits of Bartering with TruBarter

TruBarter's concept is to help businesses succeed by providing a way to trade excess inventory for the goods and services they need without spending hard-earned cash. And that's exactly what we'll do for you when you join. In addition to connecting you to a rapidly growing barter network with which you can trade, you'll also

Increase Sales

By exposing your company to hundreds of other businesses. This is a company you likely would not have received otherwise.

Get a competitive edge

TruBarter members will use your services over your competitors' because of the incentive to do business with TruBarter instead of cash.

Get to choose from a variety
of services

We are a central trade bank within a barter network, which means you can trade with anyone. Not just one-to-one.

Conserve cash

Save your cash! Use TruBarter to buy things you would normally pay for in cash.

Increase productivity

Unused service hours and excess inventory aren't making you money. Trade with those who want it and will return to do business again and again.

Increase buying power

Buy goods and services using trade credits instead of using cash. The cash you save falls to your bottom line and increases your purchasing power.

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How trade works

Have a special product? Looking for specific services for your business? Learn how trade works!

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Largest & least expensive

More than 36,000 business listed in our database, with non-expensive rates, you get them all!

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How does this put cash in my pocket? Find Out

As a member of the leading marketplace for cashless business transactions, Barter Philosophy can support your business in generating greater profits and assist you in securing a brighter future. Instead of buying the things you need and want with cash, members use Barter Philosophy dollars, which they earn by selling their products and services to other members.

Browse through our website and let us open up a whole new world you may not have used in the past to increase your sales and offset your cash expenses.


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